A few days ago, INVE Aquaculture, the company that is part of Benchmark Holding, invited its customers in Thailand to the event ‘Artemia in Aquaculture – A broad overview of the Artemia situation worldwide’. The event took place at the Suntara Wellness Resort & Hotel, in Chachoengsao, and it saw the participation of Emeritus Professor Patrick Sorgeloos as a special invitee, among others personalities.

This is the second event where Sorgeloos, Professor of the Ghent University, Belgium, brings his latest knowledge to direct INVE customers. The first event took place in Ecuador, early this year. Also where presents in the event the INVE Hatchery Sales Manager, Prateep Saengpeng, doing the live translations, and Kunthahong Thawat, explaining the difference between Artemia CIS and GSL.

An important topic was brought up during the event, ‘Nitrofurans and SEM’. Currently, experts recommend SEM not be considered a specific enough marker for nitrofuran abuse for aquaculture samples, as the matrix does not allow the necessary preparation to avoid SEM being formed during the extraction and analysis process.

Its good to remember that INVE has its headquarters in Belgium, the production facilities and test centers in Thailand, research center in Italy and regional offices across the world. They say that they are “able to use our global range to effectively reach out to our customers worldwide”.

The first professor of Aquaculture at Ghent University

Patrick Sorgeloos obtained his PhD in marine biology in 1975 from Ghent University in Belgium. In 1978 he set up the Artemia Reference Center and in 1986 he became the first professor of Aquaculture at Ghent University. Until his retirement as emeritus professor in 2013,  over 250 Master (from over 50 countries) and 70 PhD alumni (from over 20 countries) graduated at Ghent University in the field of Aquaculture.

Patrick is a strong promoter of international networking in aquaculture and is involved with the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), the European Commission (DGs RTD, MARE, DEVCO, SANTE, TRADE) and the European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform EATIP. Also, he was involved in many cooperation projects in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

In 1983, he was co-founder of the spin off company Artemia Systems that is now operating under the name of INVE Aquaculture and belongs to Benchmark Holding. He has received honorary awards in China, Egypt, Greece, India, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, USA and Viet Nam.

INVE Aquacultura sent its many thanks to all attendees, organizers, and speakers of the event.

INVE Aquaculture Master Thesis Award

Also, the company has reported that Claudia García Alcalde, from the Faculty of Sciences in Ghent University, is the winner of the INVE Aquaculture Master Thesis Award 2020-2021, for ‘Sustainable Societal Impact in Aquaculture’ for the thesis ‘Investigating methods to increase tetraspore release and vegetative growth of the red seaweed Palmaria Palmata‘. The promotor was the Professor Olivier De Clerck.

The award aims to recognize and reward the work of deserving young researchers. “By doing so, we hope to encourage them to continue making high-quality scientific contributions that benefit the continuous development of the aquaculture industry,” said from the company.

A complete nutrition and health portfolio

Since its start in 1983, INVE Aquaculture has strived for innovation and offering the highest quality products in nutrition and health for fish and shrimp hatcheries and farms. They have presence across the world with regional offices, and that, combined with an elaborate amount of service and support is what makes INVE Aquaculture unique in the market.

Since 2015, INVE Aquaculture has become part of Benchmark Holding, market leader in the supply of applied biotechnology and knowledge transfer to businesses in aquaculture and agriculture related industries. “Together we offer the most complete nutrition and health portfolio in the market, supporting our customers in taking better care throughout the culture lifecycle”, they say.


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