Rahim Hoosen Photo: IPNLFRahim Hoosen Photo: IPNLF

The International Pole and Line Foundation has announced a new chair of its board as part of leadership succession plan.

Rahim Hoosen will succeed John Burton who has successfully steered the global charity for the past seven years to be an influential force in tuna fisheries. Mr Burton will remain on the board as a trustee.

Mr Hoosen, who is the trading head – groceries, household, pets and personal care at the South African retail chain, Woolworths, was invited to join the board in January 2019. During this transition period the IPNLF has launched its new five-year strategic plan which has provided an ideal opportunity for the chair succession to happen.

The IPNLF will also take this opportunity to further strengthen its board by recruiting two additional trustees with the relevant expertise to help advance its mission and goals.

With more than ten years of leadership and strategy development experience, Mr Hoosen is responsible for driving ethical and responsible sourcing of products for Woolworths’ customers throughout South Africa. He was part of the landmark project that saw Woolworths convert all of its canned tuna procurement to responsibly sourced pole-and-line products.

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