Ísfell’s mobile warp spooling systemÍsfell’s warp spooling system has been supplied by Ibercisa. Photo: Ibercisa

Icelandic fishing gear company Ísfell went to Spanish deck machinery manufacturer Ibercisa for a mobile warp spooling system designed to be deployed on its 20-foot container base.

The system allows Ísfell to supply trawl warp that has been stored under optimum conditions to fishing vessels, with warp spooled onto a trawler’s winch drums at the right speed and under the correct tension.

The Ibercisa system can accommodate most drum sizes in use on the market.

Ísfell staff can operate the spooling system in locations where there is no convenient power supply, as the 44.82 kW motor is powered by a diesel drive, making this self-contained system easily transportable to ports and quayside where warps need to be delivered.

The closed diesel/hydraulic drive is mounted in a compact compartment at the base of the machine. It has a choice of operational modes, one with constant tension set by the hydraulic motor for spooling the initial layers to ensure correct tension and spooling at slow speeds, and the other against the brake for spooling higher layers at faster speeds.

Remote control function provides the operators with better visibility, as well as managing speed and tension, with alarms if any parameters are exceeded.

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