JRC/Alphatron Marine introduces FeverCameraThe Alphatron body heat camera scans individuals or groups to identify those at risk

JRC/Alphatron Marine has introduced a body heat camera capable of scanning individuals or groups to identify those at risk.

Suitable for both shore-based and marine environments, the AlphaFeverCamera has been developed by Alphatron Marine in collaboration with Alphatron Security and Alphatron Medical. The role of the Body Temperature Measurement Camera is to measure body temperature in real time, with an accuracy of up to ±0.5°C.

“As the COVID-19 virus continues to pose a threat in daily life and business operations, a safe and healthy (work) environment onboard and ashore is more than ever our priority,” Alphatron Marine said.

“As businesses begin to reopen after the COVID-19 crisis, safeguarding employees, customers and facilities is critical. The AlphaFeverCamera helps organizations identify at-risk individuals before they interact with customers and employees.”

With a response time of one second, the camera can capture multiple targets at a time to ensure that everyone is checked. Immediately alarming to notify operators if someone poses a risk.

“Using this type camera, officials can be more discreet, efficient, and effective in identifying individuals that need further screening with virus-specific tests. The camera is able to identify and track individuals with higher body temperatures among crowded public areas and it can be widely used in places such as office buildings, terminals, customs, airports, schools and hospitals to do a first inspection.”

The Alphatron Marine camera portfolio also includes a portable version for scanning and measuring the body temperature when crew or visitors are boarding a vessel.

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