K-Sim simulator on SAFETY4SEA shortlistKongsberg’s K-Sim Fishery simulator is nominated for SAFETY4SEA’s 2020 Training Award. Photo: Kongsberg

Kongsberg Digital’s K-Sim Fishery simulator has earned a well-deserved place on SAFETY4SEA’s 2020 Training Award shortlist.

“We’re delighted that the K-Sim Fishery simulator has been shortlisted and are very hopeful that it will go on to win the award, so every vote counts,” said Kongsberg Digital SVP Tone-Merete Hansen.

“We see the simulator as an exceptionally strong contender because its ability to enhance crew safety, best-practice operations, fuel savings and carbon-footprint reduction is as obvious as it is far-reaching. With its new research-related functionality and configuration flexibility, it’s an indispensable building block in the ongoing construction of a more sustainable and ethical future for the fishing industry.”

SAFETY4SEA’s 2020 Training Award will go to a company deemed to have made “… a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution in any aspect of maritime training,”and the awards ceremony itself is scheduled to take place on 6th October, 2020, with voting open until 4th September.

As a widely read industry news resource, SAFETY4SEA is seen as an influential advocate for initiatives which promote smart, safe and environmentally-responsible working practices on the world’s oceans. Its annual award scheme and forums not only salute the most principled, sustainable and forward-thinking products on the market, but also serve to encourage further development along those beneficial lines.

According to Tone-Merete Hansen, the vessel-specific K-Sim Fishery simulator ticks the right boxes in this respect, in that it addresses tightened STCW training requirements with a view to enhancing sustainable fishing methods, and eliminates potential hazards in the training phase by enabling all exercises to be repeatedly carried out, monitored and assessed in conditions of total safety – even when rehearsing remedial actions and procedures for every kind of emergency scenario.

Presenting trainees with a realistic and immersive facsimile of a fishing vessel’s bridge, the K-Sim Fishery simulator provides them with skill-building experience in operating the vessel’s control and navigation equipment, in addition to familiarising them with the deck techniques.

Capable of being fully integrated with sonar and echosounder systems from Simrad, K-Sim Fishery enables realistic catch monitoring and it also applies sophisticated hydrodynamic modelling to accurately replicate the effects of wave and current interaction.

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