Last mackerel of the yearBjarni Ólafsson landing in Neskaupstaður. Photo: Síldarvinnslan/Smári Geirsson

Síldarvinnslan’s pelagic vessel Bjarni Ólafsson docked at the weekend to discharge what looks to be the last mackerel landing of the year in Neskaupstaður.

This was a landing of 260 tonnes, caught in Icelandic waters, around 160 nautical miles north-east of Dalatangi. According to skipper Runólfur Runólfsson, the season is now over.

“This fish was caught over three days, with one tow a day, shooting away around midday and hauling in the evening. We had one 120 tonne tow and the others were 65 and 75 tonnes. There hasn’t been much mackerel to be seen, and the fish are very dispersed,” he said.

“The season has been a good one, but it has been noticeable that the fish have been much more dispersed than in previous years. I attribute the success of this season to the co-operation between the pelagic vessels landing to Síldarvinnslan. This has been the key to how well we have done, taking turns to pump our fish on board one vessel.”

This has allowed one pelagic vessel at a time to return to port to land the catches of the whole group, significantly reducing the otherwise long steaming times that would be part of them all operating individually.

The herring fishery is next for Bjarni Ólafsson’s crew, and they have already made their first landing of the season.

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