Lidl GB expands transparency to all seafoodLidl GB has published farmed seafood sources through the Ocean Disclosure Project. Photo: Lidl

The Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) has confirmed that UK supermarket Lidl GB has voluntarily disclosed its farmed seafood sources for the first time, by publishing a list of its farmed fish and shellfish through the ODP. 

Lidl GB first disclosed its wild-caught seafood sourcing through the ODP in 2018 and has now updated its ODP profile for 2020 to include information on the origin of both wild-caught and farmed seafood sources. The profile, which reflects sourcing for all permanently listed wild-caught and farmed products negotiated for Lidl GB in 2019, shows whether those sources were certified to a recognised standard or in an improvement project and includes sustainability ratings and brief notes on environmental impacts.

“At Lidl GB we are extremely proud of our commitment to sourcing 100% of our own brand fish and seafood from responsible sources, one of the first supermarkets to do so,” said Lidl GB’s responsible sourcing manager Amali Bunter.

“By voluntarily disclosing our farmed seafood sources, in addition to our wild-caught species, through the Ocean Disclosure Project, we are pleased to commit to even greater transparency to help shape a more sustainable fishing industry.”

Lidl GB sources eight different species of farmed fish and shellfish, including Atlantic salmon, European sea bass, pangasius, and whiteleg shrimp, the most popular farmed seafood products in UK retail. In 2019, all of Lidl GB’s farmed seafood came from sources certified as responsibly farmed.

“By expanding the scope of its seafood sourcing disclosure to include farmed sources, Lidl GB has taken an important step toward even greater transparency of its seafood,” explained ODP project manager Tania Woodcock.

“We welcome their continued commitment to transparency and their renewed participation in the Ocean Disclosure Project.”

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