Longliner launch at Northern ShipyardMarlin has been launched for outfitting at the Northern Shipyard in St Petersburg. Photo: USC

The Northern Shipyard in St Petersburg has launched the first of a series of longliners for owners in Russia. Outfitting of the new vessel is in progress.

Marlin is being completed for fishing company Globus and is built to a Marin Teknikk MT1112XL design, one of four such vessels ordered by Russian fishing companies. Designed to fish North Atlantic waters, Marlin has a 58.60 metre overall length with a 13 metre beam. It is being fitted out with an autoline system hauled through a moonpool, as well as a sophisticated factory deck for frozen fillet production with a 30 tonne/day freezing capacity, a 500-tonne refrigerated fishroom and a canning facility.

Propulsion is a diesel-electric system optimised for low fuel consumption and low emissions. Designer Marin Teknikk has been a pioneer of this technology for both offshore and fishing vessels.

Marlin’s launch ceremony was a packed occasion, attended by head of the Federal Fisheries Agency Ilya Shestakov, St. Petersburg governor Alexander Beglov, the Arkhangelsk region’s governor Alexander Tsybulsky, as well as Globus LLC’s director Andrey Zaika and the shipyard director Igor Orlov.

In his speech, Ilya Shestakov commented that the implementation of the Investment Quotas Programme in Russia is what has made the renewal of the fishing fleet possible.

“Thanks to this law, 53 new fishing vessels are currently being built at domestic shipyards. I want to thank everyone for the fact that, despite the lack of confidence in the competencies of our shipyards, you have demonstrated that anything is possible,” he said.

The Chairman of the board of the Northern Shipyard’s parent company United Shipbuilding Corporation, Georgy Poltavchenko and general director Alexey Rakhmanov both congratulated the yard on its achievements.

“We have clearly demonstrated that a large-scale renewal of the fishing fleet is gaining momentum,” Alexey Rakhmanov said.

“Our shipyards have already signed contracts for more than four dozen vessels. Today we are proving that USC has all the necessary resources and competencies to keep orders for fishing vessels in the country.”

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