Market research shows that seafood is seen as healthy and fresh Photo: SeafishMarket research shows that seafood is seen as healthy and fresh Photo: Seafish

Seafish’s marketing initiative Love Seafood is celebrating its first birthday with the launch of a new campaign theme.

From 1 October onwards, Love Seafood will encourage consumers across the UK to ‘Bring on Better Living’, showcasing the health benefits of eating seafood.

The new direction has been informed by research conducted by independent agency, Mustard. Participants were asked about their perceptions of seafood, their behaviour when buying, cooking and eating seafood and their preferences for species, flavours and dining occasions.

The research concluded that seafood is seen by consumers as tasty, fresh, light and healthy and Love Seafood will seek to capitalise on those perceptions. “We invest in qualitative research to stay close to consumers – and understand how best to play our part in reversing the decline in seafood consumption across the UK,” said Greg Smith, head of marketing at Seafish.

The research also found that perceived expense is a barrier and recipes should include a cost per portion. Consumers also need guidance on preparing and cooking seafood and are more likely to try seafood in meals and cuisines that are already familiar and enjoyed, such as curries.

“Love Seafood has been built as a 20-year initiative, because changing consumer hearts and minds takes time,” said Greg. “We’re taking this on board alongside findings on how to approach consumers for different dining situations which will all go towards informing our upcoming campaign plans.”

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