Luntos’s new vessel will process 230 tonnes per day Photo: CarsoeLuntos’s new vessel will process 230 tonnes per day Photo: Carsoe

Luntos has placed a second order with Carsoe for an onboard processing plant, scheduled for delivery to the shipyard in early 2022.

The first Luntos vessel has entered the final stages of installation in Vietnam and the Carsoe installation team is onsite to ensure that the factory is running smoothly. It is scheduled to leave the shipyard in the spring.

The second Luntos vessel has been designed with a number of modifications compared to the first vessel. “Luntos 2 has a higher capacity and we have adjusted a few things to better accommodate this,” said area sales manager, Thomas Andreasen.

“Returning business means, that we are doing our job right and we are very pleased to continue the cooperation with Luntos and the shipyard Vard,” he added,

The new vessel from Luntos has a capacity of 230 tonnes per day and will fish for herring, mackerel, pacific sardines and squid. All species are then processed in the onboard factory, which includes a grading station by size, a roller grader and a complete filleting line.

All products are frozen in blocks in the 21 onboard vertical freezers before being packed in master boxes, strapped, weighed and labelled and finally manually packed onto pallets.

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