The fully automated packing solution from Marel reduces give away Photo: MarelThe fully automated packing solution from Marel reduces give away Photo: Marel

Marel has launched a new automated fish processing solution, combining intelligent batching software with robotic technology.

The RoboBatcher Box’s intelligent automation reduces give away, improves food safety, decreases labour costs and eliminates human error or sickness – all critical at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is putting pressure on working conditions and supply chains.

“The RoboBatcher Box is a result of listening to the market and utilising our many years of experience in robotics to create a well-balanced solution based on advanced and intelligent software,” said global product manager of robotics, Søren Raahauge. “We are meeting our customer’s needs by focusing on fixed weight batching and more innovative mechanical design and we welcome our new application to our existing RoboBatcher solutions.”

The RoboBatcher automatically styles and packs up to 24 boxes simultaneously, with up to 12 predefined jobs. Once the fish fillet is weighed and scanned, it is packed according to catch-weight or fixed-weight requirements and a predefined styling pattern.

Once a box reaches the set target weight, it is automatically conveyed for final packing and replaced with a new one. The entire process is automated, including a foil applicator, checkweigher, labeller, IceDoser and lid applicator.

Icelandic fish processor Vísir installed the RoboBatcher Box in November 2019. ‘“The combination of faster production speed and less handling has had a significant impact on product quality,” said Ómar Enoksson, production manager at Vísir.

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