Morgère’s new facility open for businessTrawl door manufacturer Morgère is now based in a new facility. Photo: Morgère

After having been based at the heart of the port of Saint-Malo in Brittany since 1902, French trawl door manufacturer Morgère has made the move out of the city to a purpose-built manufacturing facility in nearby Miniac-Morvan.

“The team at Morgère are delighted at this major investment in our new production facility, which will bring immense benefits to our growing number of customers. We have a long tradition of supplying high-performing trawl doors and other fishing equipment, and the Miniac-Morvan facility provides an exciting opportunity for new growth,” said Morgère’s managing director Pascal Reverseau.

Relocating to this new 2500m² facility will enable Morgère’s skilled engineers to make full use of the most modern production techniques for its range of trawl doors and other fishing equipment. The new, larger production unit also offers better storage and more efficient production line management.

Established in 1902, Morgère designs and manufactures a wide range of trawl doors and associated equipment for demersal, semi-pelagic and pelagic fishing. Trawl doors in the range include the versatile Exocet and Osprey.

Exocet doors have a lower angle of attack compared to standard door designs, while maintaining the same spread, which results in reduced drag that benefits fuel efficiency. The semi-pelagic Osprey doors fish on and just off the seabed, and have delivered excellent results for fishermen.

“The key to the success of Morgère has been the intensive and sophisticated research work behind the design and development of the trawl doors,” Pascal Reverseau added.

“This includes the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research focusing on the hydrodynamics of the new trawl door design to optimise performance.”

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