Experts at Mowi’s research centre at Huenquillahue, Chile, have been evaluating the performance of Garware’s latest generation X12 lice skirt fabrics as barriers against Caligus larvae. The sea louse Caligus rogercresseyi is one of the most serious parasites affecting the Chilean salmon farming sector. The tests, carried out in conjunction with the Austral University of Chile, found that the Garware fabrics blocked 99.6% of the larvae in their Nauplii stage of development and 99.7% of larvae in the Copepoditos stage. Mowi concluded Garware X12 is recommended as a barrier against caligus larvae and also allows the passage of water flow, helping to maximize natural oxygenation. The researchers said: “The effectiveness tests of the fabrics… have brought good results and we are considering them within the non-drug management alternatives for the control of this parasite.”

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