FISF cod and haddock has achieved MSC certification FISF cod and haddock has achieved MSC certification

The Faroe Islands Sustainable Fisheries (FISF) cod, haddock, tusk and ling fishery has achieved Marine Stewardship Council certification for cod and haddock.

The achievement expands the current MSC certification for ling and tusk and is a significant milestone for the Faroese, who rely heavily on exports for jobs and income.

To help manage fish stock sustainably and achieve the certification, the fishing industry urged the Faroese Government to change the law. In December 2020, Jacob Vestergaard, Minister of Fisheries, introduced a scientifically-based management plan limiting the number of fishing days for cod and haddock.

The fishing industry also created the FISF, a new unified fishing body aimed at raising fishing management standards in line with MSC standards.

“That we have been able to achieve this goal is because the Faroese authorities have listened to experts to implement a management plan,” said Durita í Grótinum, chief executive of FISF.

Jacob Vestergaard, The Minister of Fisheries in the Faroe Islands, added, “Our objective is to manage the fishing stocks under Faroese sovereignty in such a manner that the future generations can obtain the same benefits from our sea resources as the current generations.

”This benefits all parties, since the world demands sustainably caught fish products, while we need the income from the fish exports.”

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