Eight one-by-one tuna fisheries in Indonesia have been MSC-certified Photo: IPNLFEight one-by-one tuna fisheries in Indonesia have been MSC-certified Photo: IPNLF

The International Pole and Line Federation (IPNLF) and Asosiasi Perikanan Pole & Line and Handline Indonesia (AP2HI) have praised the efforts of eight Indonesian one-by-one tuna fisheries which have been awarded Marine Stewardship Council certification.

The fisheries are located throughout the Indonesian archipelago and the catches are part of the regional Western and Central Pacific Ocean stocks. Nine AP2HI members are involved in these small-scale fishery supply chains which incorporate 307 handline and 73 pole-and-line vessels. Certification will add around 11,000 tonnes of sustainable skipjack and yellowfin tuna to seafood markets.

Trian Yunanda, director of fish resources management at the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, said that IPNLF and AP2HI had been working closely with the Ministry on improving programmes. “All of us need to recognise the important role that truly sustainable fisheries can make to the livelihoods of our fishers and to the viability of our businesses,” he said.

The improvements include fishery data collection and monitoring, carried out by local onboard observers, to better understand the environmental impacts of fishing operations. Electronic monitoring systems for small-scale fisheries are also implemented through time-lapse cameras and vessel tracking. On land, IPNLF and AP2HI are working closing with operators to improve chain of custody and fishery compliance, and also engage with the government on effective management measures.

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