Naust systems for newbuilds and refitsHavvon is being fitted with a complete Naust Marine system for trawling and seine netting. Illustr: Katstensens Skibsværft

Norwegian fishing company Carl Aamodt & Co has opted for Naust Marine deck equipment for its new Havvon, under construction at Karstensens Skibsværft and due for delivery in July.

The 36 metre Havvon gets three 130kW trawl winches capable of holding 1100 metres of 28mm warp, twin of 280kW seine winches with capacity for 6600 metres of 50mm seine rope and an automatic winch control system for fly-shooting, single- and multi-rig trawling.

The system is similar to those supplied to Osprey’s Good Hope and Neeltje, which were built at the Nodosa yard in Spain in 2019 and 2020.

Naust Marine is also supplying Havvon with a pair of 75kW double net drums, 55kW and 5.8kW auxiliary winches and a double drum windlass for 18mm chain, with all winches controlled from the wheelhouse and from deck control points.

The installation will also include all the electric cabinets equipped with active front end units for regeneration, water-cooled drives, and the ability to operate in floating voltage/frequency between 400-440V, 50-60 Hz.

Falkland trawler refit

In Spain Naust Marine’s engineers are preparing to install a complete deck equipment system on board 83 metre Falklands-registered freezer trawler Igueldo later this year, with completion in advance of the 2022 squid season in the South Atlantic.

Igueldo’s owners have chosen a pair of 62-tonne trawl winches with an Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) control system, as well as 30-tonne sweepline winches, 35-tonne gilsons, 22-tonne codend winches, a pair of 18-tonne auxiliary winches and 5-tonne capstans.

The package also includes a full set of electric cabinets and a water cooling system for the winches, in addition to all the necessary controls and panels.

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