Netflix propaganda-spiracy?NFI President John Connolly has suggested Netflix introduce a new “Propaganda” tab for its more heavily biased content. Illustr: Netflix

The National Fisheries Institute has slammed the forthcoming Netflix offering Seaspiracy as outright propaganda by vegan activists, suggesting that the channel offer viewers a “propaganda” tab that reflects the content.

Writing to Netflix Co-CEO and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, NFI President John Connolly provided convenient dictionary definitions that Netflix could find useful in future labelling of its content.

Documentary: a presentation (such as a film or novel) expressing or dealing with factual events: a documentary presentation

Propaganda: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person

“Films like this would be a super start to your new “propaganda” content tab, as it is the spreading of a vegan message masquerading as facts about seafood. We understand your business model is to get people to watch as much stuff as possible – without too much care about facts. So, maybe it is appropriate for Netflix to offer viewers a story based on exaggeration, fabrications and conspiracy theories,” John Connolly said.

“Keep in mind, this is the same entertainment network that brought us the whack-jobs of Tiger King. So let’s all take a breath,” he added.

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