Netter’s all-Mitsubishi re-powerNetter Maria Bork L-66 during the re-power job in Esbjerg. Photo: West Diesel

The owners of a Danish netting boat went to West Diesel for a suite of new engines to re-power Maria Bork L-66.

The refit took place in co-operation with Esbjerg Shipyard, with the main engine and two auxiliaries replaced. The new main engine is a brand-new Mitsubishi S6A-3 supplied by West Diesel. The two auxiliary engines have been replaced with West Diesel’s own WDM70 generator sets. These are also built on Mitsubishi units with Stamford generators, and are are specially configured to meet the customer’s requirements.

“The main engine we had before was also a Mitsubishi, but it’s close to being obsolete, as it dated back to 2010 with over 50,000 operating hours. Then we got a very good deal on a new one. It is a little different to the old engine, but it looks promising,” said skipper Michael Bork.

The S6A3-MPTAW engine is designed and built in Japan, received the latest IMO2 and CCNR2 certifications and delivers high performance and reliability. According to West Diesel, the 221kW output is ideal for cargo vessels, work boats and for fishing, as this power rating allows access to some prime fishing grounds.

Maintenance is straightforward as each cylinder has its own cylinder head and the engine has large inspection covers on the crankcase. No auxiliary components require separate lubrication, be it fuel injection pump, regulator, water pump or turbocharger.

Maria Bork fishes with gill nets, so there is no need for heavyweight engine power. Michael Bork’s interest lies more in the engine’s long-term reliability with a lot of operating hours on the clock, good service and that the new engine is a good match for the boat’s available space.

The new main engine fitted straight onto the engine mounts in Maria Bork’s engine room and coupled to the existing gearbox and exhaust system.

“West Diesel develops, manufactures and sells gensets, all of which are produced in our workshop in Esbjerg, and with our own supervisor to manage quality control and test each unit before it is delivered to the customer,” said West Diesel’s Kim Holm Jensen.

“Our gensets are built using Mitsubishi, John Deere and MAN engines, and are ideal for providing auxiliary power on board or can serve as emergency generators. What is unique about these gensets is that we can configure options and customise features to our clients’ wishes and requirements.”

He added that this was what was done with the installation on board Maria Bork, and the netter’s new engine room setup will now provide skipper Michael Bork and his crew of four/five with plenty of trouble-free operating hours as they return to fishing.

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