Fisheries and Seafood minister, Odd Emil Ingebritsen Photo: Havlandet NorcodFisheries and Seafood minister, Odd Emil Ingebritsen Photo: Havlandet Norcod

Norcod and fry producer Havlandet Marin Yngel have created new company Havlandet Norcod to build a new cod fry facility in Florø.

The new facility has a government concession to produce 24 million fry per year and will be ready to receive its first batch in the autumn of 2022.

Norway’s Fisheries and Seafood minister, Odd Emil Ingebritsen, was on hand at the start of work, calling the focus on cod farming ‘tremendous’. “Given the improvements made in breeding and production methods, cod farming now has a much better starting point for profitable production than in the past,” he said.

“Land-based industry also has an important contribution to make by providing more stable access to raw materials,” he added.

Interest in cod as a farmed species is increasing and access to sufficient cod fry for large-scale farming is becoming a challenge. Investing in a new fry facility will help secure predictable fry supply for both companies in the future, particularly as Norcod aims to be the world’s first industrial-scale producer of responsibly farmed cod.

“Building this brand-new fry facility is an important step for Norcod on our journey towards achieving harvest volumes of 25,000 metric tonnes of fresh farmed cod in the coming years,” said chair of the Norcod board, Marit Solberg.

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