The FISG has launched a new safety campaign to reduce MOB death Photo: FISGThe FISG has launched a new safety campaign to reduce MOB death Photo: FISG

A new man overboard prevention campaign has been launched in response to data showing that 85% of fatalities in the fishing industry involve people ending up in the water.

Devised by the Fishing Industry Safety Group, the ‘Home and Dry’ campaign is reminding those working on fishing vessels to take three simple steps to reduce the risk of death from falling overboard.

Brian Chambers, a crab and lobster fisherman from Northern Ireland, who has created a safety video for the campaign, said that safety was one of the most important things in fishing. “As a skipper I am always working to ensure me and my crew avoid going in the water at all costs, and I wanted to show other fishermen how easy it is to do a risk assessment on their vessels,” he said.

“Far too many people have lost their lives from falling overboard, lives that could have been saved with better safety practices,” he added.

Falling overboard is a major cause of death in the fishing industry. Eighty-five per cent of deaths involve people ending up in the water and 42% of all deaths are recorded as MOB incidents. This last winter alone, seven fishermen lost their lives whilst working on fishing vessels.

To help reduce deaths at sea from falling overboard, the campaign is reminding those who work on fishing vessels to complete a written risk assessment and review it regularly, practise MOB drills regularly and always wear a personal flotation device whilst on deck.

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