New pelagic system’s 70% capacity boostIt took three of Skaginn 3X’s experts just under a month to design a completely new system to update LVF’s pelagic processing plant. Illustr: Skaginn 3X

Icelandic Pelagic processor Loðnuvinnslan (LVF) has contracted Skaginn 3X for a new pelagic processing system for their operation at Fáskrúðsfjörður in eastern Iceland.

LVF has chosen Skaginn 3X to supply a new pelagic processing system, designed to increase automation and processing capacity as well as improve yield and throughput. The system is designed to enable continuous production of high-quality pelagic fish at a capacity of up 400 tonnes per 24 hours.

The company operates a pelagic freezing plant in Fáskrúðsfjörður specialising in processing capelin, herring and mackerel.

Timing is everything in the pelagic processing business. Seasonal operations depend on resources that need to be harnessed at the right time and with the right methods to achieve maximum yield and quality of the finished product. In order to get the most out of the season, LVF wanted to update their operation and have it ready for the next round as capelin are caught and processed into a variety of products including capelin roe between January and March. Mackerel and Atlanto-Scandian herring seasons last from July to October, followed by the Icelandic summer-spawning herring season.

“It’s very important to be able to work as closely with the supplier as we’ve been able to do in this project with Skaginn 3X,” said Friðrik Már Guðmundsson, Managing Director of LVF.

“Their expertise and our experience have resulted in the creation of a promising new solution for our entire pelagic factory. The upgrade will increase the automation of our operation and enable us to increase our production capacity,”

Skaginn 3 X’s system is built around a technology that has serves some of the largest pelagic processors in the world. The advanced automatic system includes a bagging system, high-tech plate freezers and automatic palletising, all of which will be integrated with existing equipment, including third party robots to create an efficient, high-throughput pelagic plant.

As turnkey pelagic processing plants have been a staple of Skaginn 3X‘s production for a long time, it did not take long for a trio of Skaginn 3X pelagic processing experts to design the system on the spot. It took them just under a month to scope, spec and implement a contract for this sophisticated automated upgrade to the existing operation at LVF’s facility.

“We handled this quickly and worked very closely with the customer. Our co-operation has been great from the start and it is a pleasure to be able to continue to work with LVF and expand our services to their operations,” said Skaginn 3X Regional Sales Manager Ingvar Vilhjálmsson.

“The LVF team were very thorough in their preparation so it was easy for us to create a processing flow that meets their requirements in a relatively short time.”

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