The ProZero 15m FR workboat Photo: ProZero InternationalThe ProZero 15m FR workboat Photo: ProZero International

Aqua Kompetanse in Flatanger, Norway, has taken delivery of a new ProZero 15m FR workboat, four weeks ahead of schedule.

The new boat is based on Tuco Marine´s ProZero workboat concept and has been built to allow full use of the latest technology to support inspections and survey operations.

“During the last years, Aqua Kompetanse has experienced a huge increase in demand for all our services,” explained Øyvind Horn, boat and equipment manager at Aqua Kompetanse. “Therefore, the need for a new vessel for our surveyors developed, and as our clients expect fast and efficient service along the coast of Norway, the 15m ProZero was chosen due to the great seaworthiness and the service supplied by the shipyard.

The onboard equipment includes electronic communication and navigation equipment, a linehandler and an onboard crane. The workboat is also outfitted with a track mounting system which allows the operator to configure the interior to accommodate a variety of extra equipment.

The 15m ProZero is built from lightweight composite materials which ensure low weight, high fuel efficiency and low emission of greenhouse gases. Additionally, the need for maintenance is minimised. During sea trials the boat was capable of speeds up to 36 knots.

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