New UK PO appoints managerChloe North takes over her new role as manager of the Western FPO in October

The Western FPO, which was set up earlier this year, has appointed Chloe North as its manager.She steps into her new role on 5th October, ahead of the new PO becoming fully operational in 1st January 2021.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the WFPO as its manager, at the start of this exciting journey,” Chloe North said.

“The vision of the WFPO is one of well-managed fishing and top-quality products. We will be working hard on sustainability initiatives and marketing the catch, including at international shows, fostering existing and growth markets.”

She has an extensive background in fisheries sustainability and supply chains, having gained experience at the Marine Stewardship Council and in consultancy at MRAG.

The founding members of the WFPO are Passmore Fishing Ltd, part of a fifth generation Brixham-based fishing and processing group of businesses and Waterdance Ltd, which operates a diverse fleet of vessels.

“UK government policy gives POs a central role in post-brexit fisheries management,” ’ Alex Passmore said.

“It’s a great time to be forming a new PO with a vision of a vibrant UK fishing and seafood sector. The WFPO team look forward to close collaboration with the existing UK POs, particularly those in South West England, to drive positive outcomes in a significant time of change for the fishing sector.”

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