Newcomers join Tuna Australia boardDaryn Logan of Sniper Fishing is one of Tuna Australia’s new directors. Photo: Tuna Australia

New directors appointed to the Tuna Australia board are expected to bring fresh insights and ideas to support and strengthen the tuna longline industry.

The new Directors – Daryn Logan of Sniper Fishing, Mooloolaba, and Daniel Lavalle of DDD Lavalle Fisheries, Ulladulla – round out the seven-person board.

“Daryn Logan has extensive experience in catching, processing and promoting seafood for domestic and export markets,” said Tuna Australia chair Richard Stevens OAM, commenting that the new Directors’ experiences and concepts will help to strategically position Tuna Australia and its membership for the future.

“Daniel Lavalle is fairly new to the tuna industry, so brings a valuable newcomer perspective and also provides another voice for fishers on the south coast of NSW.”

With a long background in the tuna industry, Daryn Logan has been managing fish processing factories for 30 years, including for De Brett Seafoods, and most recently, 12 years as the Operations Manager for Mooloolah River Fisheries.

He is currently is the sole director of Sniper Fishing in the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery (ETBF) and has a substantial investment in the tuna industry.

“I see Tuna Australia as very important for the industry and its future,” he said.

“Most operators don’t have time to battle new regulations and be proactive in developing the industry, so we really need an association working for our benefit. It’s important that industry stakeholders lead the way or have a say in their own fisheries,” Daryn Logan said of his reason for joining the Tuna Australia Board.

“The industry needs to continue developing its sustainability credentials, including the Marine Stewardship Council certification. With COVID, there’s been a huge amount of uncertainty and there still is. We don’t know if there will be planes next year. That is a key issue that the board needs to provide direction on.”

Daniel Lavalle has been a professional fisherman for the last eight years, with experience of both trawl and longline sectors.

“I’ve worked with the Tuna Australia CEO and Program Manager throughout the years and have been really happy with how Tuna Australia has progressed and helped the fishers,” he said.

“My perspective is of someone that has just entered the industry and is looking for a long-term future from a catching side (not just as a statutory fishing rights holder). It is a different perspective to someone who has been there for 20 years and is looking to sell their business. I want the management and sustainability to be there so we can keep fishing forever.”

Daniel Lavalle is currently the owner of the Fisco 1, based in Ulladulla, NSW, and holds ETBF statutory fishing rights. He is also a current director of the Ulladulla Fisherman’s Co-op and believes that joining the Tuna Australia board will be another “good learning experience.”

“I’m looking forward to being a part of everything and getting more of an overview of the whole industry,” he said. “Everyone on the board has done a good job and I want to keep doing a good job to help the industry grow and improve.”

Tuna Australia CEO, David Ellis, said the board plays a vital role in shaping the organisation’s strategic direction and ensuring the work plan is consistent with the organization’s objectives.

“We look forward to working with the new Directors and benefiting from their experience, insights and knowledge of the tuna industry,” David Ellis said.

The new directors replace Pavo Walker of Walker Seafoods and Paul Lavalle of Lavalle Fisheries and South Seas Tuna.

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