Norcod harvests first codNorcod’s first samples arriving in Denmark. Photo: Norcod

Norwegian aquaculture innovator Norcod, is on a fast track towards delivering fresh farmed cod to retailers, restaurants, and consumers around the world. Its first planned sample harvest and processing has just been carried out, and samples of fresh cod distributed across Europe and the US. In Denmark, samples were also sent to pro restaurant chefs. The company reports that feedback has been very positive.

“Fish performance has been excellent and optimal welfare is a top priority. Due to high survival rates, calm fish behaviour, well distributed biomass and good appetite, the fish have grown very well, and we have been able take out cod of 2.5 kg after only 11 months of production,” said Norcod COO Rune Eriksen.
Planned sampling forms part of the run-up to Norcod’s first projected sales in summer 2021.

“Sending real samples from the production is a big step for us and an exciting part of our route to achieving our business goals and delivering value for our shareholders. We have come a long way and I was very excited to hear our customers’ comments on what we believe is a fantastic product with a great future. As well as being great tasting, our cod is responsibly produced and we hope it will become a new healthy source of protein for consumers not only in Europe but around the world,” said Norcod CEO Christian Riber.

“We are very grateful to the restaurants and chefs who have taken time to test the product in spite of the very difficult situation for the hospitality industry due to COVID-19 lockdowns.”

Samples were distributed to recipients in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and the US. Sampling was carried out by leading seafood company Sirena Group, which is also handling sales and marketing for Norcod.

“I was delighted to have a sample of Norcod’s new, farmed cod. A good and healthy-looking fish with thick and firm fillets,” said Jesper Redecker Hansen at Fiskerikajen in Denmark.

“With excellent texture and aroma and white transparent fresh-looking meat. Exactly what I am looking for in cod.”

The sampling follows a series of milestones racked up by the company in recent months. Its NoK250m share issue in October was three times oversubscribed and it listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s Merkur market shortly afterwards. Its market value was pegged at approximately NoK850m but had risen to NoK1,192m on 16th December.

By the end of September, Norcod and partner Namdal Settefisk had 1.7 million cod in production, split between two locations in Norway. New generations of fry are slated to go into the growth phase in the next few months in preparation for new sea transfers in 2021 and harvest volumes in 2022 of 10,000 tonnes of cod.

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