Nelago Kwedhi Photo: Nueva Pescanova GroupNelago Kwedhi Photo: Nueva Pescanova Group

Nueva Pescanova Group has been awarded the IPRA Golden World Awards 2020 for its documentary about a community in Namibia transformed by the fishing industry.

“The City Born of the Sea” won in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) category and tells the story of Lüderitz, a small town between the desert and the sea in southern Namibia, which has been reborn following the arrival of the Nueva Pescanova Group almost 30 years ago.

“It is a particular point of pride for all of us in the Nueva Pescanova family, and our 668 CSR actions in eight of the 19 countries where we operate, to receive this recognition,” said Tesa Díaz-Faes, Nueva Pescanova Group’s chief commercial officer and chief institutional relations officer. “This documentary brings to the screen the story of Nelago Kwedhi, a story of courage and self-improvement that we hope will inspire many other women around the world.”

Nelago Kwedhi is first woman in Namibia to become boat captain. The documentary begins in her small village in the north and follows her journey through the Namibian desert to where Nelago has found a better future.

With the arrival of the Nueva Pescanova Group and the development of the fishing sector, Lüderitz has become a place of opportunity where people and the development of their communities come first. Life has been reinvigorated in this town, which now offers work, education and opportunities to those who decide to grow up here.

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