European lobster has a far greater survival rate when farmed Photo: Ocean On Land TechnologyEuropean lobster has a far greater survival rate when farmed Photo: Ocean On Land Technology

Ocean On Land Technology, part of the Cadman Capital Group’s aquaculture portfolio, has reported an increase in the survival rate of European clawed lobsters during experiments focused on hatchery culture.

Conducted in partnership with Orkney Shellfish Hatchery, the experiments, which began in October last year, have reported continued increases in larval survival rates, which now consistently stand at more than 30%, a number significantly higher than the estimated 0.005% survival rate of European clawed lobster in the wild.

“Taking a species that has such a high larval mortality in the wild and providing it with the right conditions to flourish provides a good springboard for restocking programs, which are now able to re-stock larger and more robust lobsters, which is likely to further improve survivorship once released,” commented Dr Matthew Johnson, aquaculture research and development director at the Cadman Capital Group. “It also provides good survival through the high cannibalism post-larval phases, creating the opportunity to further work on the grow-out of this species,” he added.

The experiments used Ocean On Land Technology’s hatchery-in-a-box system to grow clawed lobster on land from broodstock to post-larvae. The use of the company’s Aquahive system within the experiments has resulted in 90% survival from post larvae (stage IV-VI) to a robust juvenile size.

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