KnowSeafood delivers sustainable food directly to your door Photo: VeramarisKnowSeafood delivers sustainable food directly to your door Photo: Veramaris

For the first time ever, consumers across all 50 US states can now order salmon enriched with Veramaris’ algae Omega-3 oil, from the new online seafood outlet KnowSeafood.

KnowSeafood delivers directly to homes around the US and has selected sushi grade Auroraâ salmon as its only Atlantic salmon brand. It is produced by Lerøy and raised on Veramaris’s algae oil in the Arctic Norwegian fjords.

Karim Kurmaly, chief executive of Veramaris, said that KnowSeafood’s decision to offer salmon raised on Veramaris’s algae oil was a significant breakthrough in the online seafood market. “Significant because for the first time ever a consumer anywhere in the US can purchase sustainable salmon, rich in EPA & DHA Omega-3, online and have it delivered direct from farm to door,” he said.

Veramaris produces its marine algae oil in Blair in Nebraska. It is said to provide twice the level of EPA & DHA Omega-3 compared to fish oil, allowing it to both raise the nutrition profile of the fish and reduce fish ingredients in the salmon feed.

Fish raised on Veramaris’s algae oil have reportedly higher levels of EPA & DHA, the two essential fatty acids for heart, brain, eye and skin health. The oil is also fully sustainable. “Traceability is the backbone of sustainability, allowing us to transparently inform customers of the provenance of their seafood,” said Daniel McQuade, co-founder and chief executive of KnowSeafood.

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