The new production line at Scandi Standard Photo: Scandi StandardThe new production line at Scandi Standard Photo: Scandi Standard

A newly designed processing line is currently being installed at Scandi Standard’s factory in Norway.

This line will become the standard for all processing across Scandi Standard’s factories and is a result of close collaboration with the customer who requested a more coherent production layout which optimised the sorting of bi-products.

Working conditions are vital for Scandi Standard. “We have put a lot of effort into designing a processing line that ensures a correct working position,” said the company. “This includes the right height on the tables and short reach distances when the factory workers are sorting the products.”

Throughout the project the Scandi Standard project manager worked closely with the mechanical and production engineers at Carsoe to design a high-yield production line that ensures high quality products and an optimised use of by-products.

The new production equipment also benefits from economies of scale. With the processes and equipment streamlined across factories, service and maintenance of the equipment will be more efficient as the layout and the spare parts are standardised.

“The uniform way of processing the products and by-products will make it easier to maintain a consistent and high quality,” said the company.

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