The PG-Subflow Photo: PG Flow SolutionsThe PG-Subflow Photo: PG Flow Solutions

Nova Sea has increased the oxygen content in its waiting cages outside its packing facility in Lovund in North Norway after implementing newly developed pump technology.

The six waiting cages are located at the inside of pier, limiting the inflow of oxygen-rich, new seawater. When a wellboat then fills the cages with up to 100,000 salmon the oxygen level in the cages decreases further. Nova Sea contacted PG Flow Solutions who installed its PG-Subflow seawater pump, increasing oxygen content by 20%.

“Twenty per cent increase in oxygen has a positive impact on fish welfare and the quality of the fish we produce,” said Terje Sølna, factory manager at Nova Sea at Lovund. “It also means that we can use the current waiting cage capacity better, which in turn leads to improved wellboat logistics and more stable harvesting capacity.”

By installing the PG-Subflow pump system outside the pier, pulling a guide pipe through the pier, and then directing the flow towards the waiting cages, 20,000 cubic metres of fresh seawater per hour are pumped towards the waiting cages. The oxygen increase comes in just 30 minutes of pumping.

PG-Subflow is a high capacity propeller pump with two counter-rotating propellers. Each propeller is driven by a separate electric motor and by using frequency converters each RPM can be optimised with the unit using a typical 21.5kW per pump.

Nova Sea is the first company to start using PG-Subflow.

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