Piriou to build netter/longliner for ACAVThe new netter for ACAV will be delivered in late 2022. Illustr: Piriou

Fishermen’s co-operative Armement Coopératif Artisanal Vendéen (ACAV) has returned to Piriou to order a 21 metre gill netter/longliner that will be delivered in late 2022 to Adrien Delevaud, who fishes from Ile d’Yeu.

The new vessel will operate in the Bay of Biscay and has the option of also fishing further north in the English Channel.

“This order confirms our position on the market for coastal fishing vessels,” said Piriou CEO Vincent Faujour.

“We are competitive on this type of vessel and are delighted to take part in the renewal of the fleet on this sector. Piriou has already built eleven vessels – trawlers and gillnetters – for ACAV and we are proud to be involved again in the development of the fleet of this longstanding customer.”

The most recent deliveries to ACAV were seine netters Cayola and Mabon 3, which Piriou completed for ACAV in 2013 and 2014.

The development of Adrien Delevaud’s new vessel is the result of close co-operation between ACAV and Piriou Ingenierie, with the focus on crew comfort and safety, as well as working conditions, manoeuvrability and the integration of systems and equipment for easier maintenance. The gillnetter will be equipped with a 400kW IMO TIER III engine, reducing the environmental footprint.

The steel-hulled vessel with aluminium superstructure will have a 21 metre overall length with a 7 metre beam, and a 60m3 fishroom with capacity for 500 boxes.

The oldest co-operative of its kind on the French west coast, Armement Coopératif Artisanal Vendéen (ACAV) was established in 1967 to handle vessel management, accounting, legal and social matters. It currently has 80 vessels under management contracts in Les Sables d’Olonne and Ile d’Yeu, and eleven vessels in co-ownership.

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