Positive progress on new trawler seriesNorebo’s new trawlers are making progress at the Northern Shipyard in St Petersburg. Photo: USC

The Severnaya (Northern) Shipyard in St Petersburg is making progress on the series of new trawlers for Russian fishing company Norebo.

The initial series of six Nautic Rus-designed trawlers are built to operate on groundfish in northern waters.The 81.60 metre trawlers with a distinctive inverted bow arrangement are designed to have a 100 tonne/day freezing capacity as part of processing decks capable or handling 150 tonnes of fish per day.

“This is a series of vessels that we are currently building for the Norebo, and that makes it possible on the first pair of trawlers to identify problems, correct any oversights in design and improve individual factory operations to achieve optimal results,” said yard general director Igor Orlov, commenting on the progress made with the first three trawlers.

Around 150km of cable runs are currently being installed on board Kapitan Sokolov and the factory deck installation is in progress, including the processing equipment, freezing systems and weighing stations.

On board Kapitan Geller the deck machinery and refrigeration systems are in place, outfitting is in progress and the deck cranes are being positioned.

The main engine, reduction gear and other engine room components have been placed on board Kapitan Ostashkov, as has the fish meal plant, and the gensets are about to be lifted on board. The stern section is approaching completion, with teams preparing for the rudder and propeller to be fitted, and work has begun on the superstructure.

Norebo technical director Pavel Kosolapov commented that he is confident that the fourth trawler of the series, Kapitan Breichman, will be built much faster due to the experience gained with the first vessels in the series.

These initial six trawlers for northern waters are to be followed by four more optimised for fisheries in the Far East. The Severnaya yard is also building four longliners for companies within the Norebo group and a contract is being negotiated for a large trawler for the Southern Ocean krill fishery.

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