Norwegian manufacturer Framo AS has taken a 50% share in an ambitious project that aims to create a floating, fully closed fish farm at sea. The pump maker will be collaborating with fish farming company Lingalaks, which will own an equal share of the venture, StadionLaks.
The joint company will develop the Stadion Basin, which is designed as a floating, closed, flow-through production unit for salmon farming at sea, measuring 39 x 117 metres. The aim of the closed system is threefold: to protect the fish from sea lice, algae and other biological hazards; to prevent escapes; and to control waste residues so that they do not enter the marine environment.
The name “Stadion” comes from the Norwegian word for a sports stadium, which the closed unit will resemble when seen from above. The flow-through system, which will take water from different depths and remove sludge and other waste, will be designed by Framo. The project has already been awarded development licences equivalent to 1,849 tonnes of biomass.
Oddbjørn Jacobsen, Director of Framo Innovation, said: “We decided to take part in this project so that we can develop and test new pump technology in the field. Our expertise lies in moving vast volumes of liquids in a controlled manner. Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of pump systems for aquaculture worldwide.”
The Stadion Basin will be produced in Norway and aims to compete with the land-based fish farming sites that are currently being developed around the world.
Erlend Haugarvoll, Chairman of the Board of Lingalaks and StadionLaks said: “Our goal at Lingalaks is to identify solutions that provide optimal fish health and minimise the impact on our surroundings. We have been working on the Stadion Basin for four years now, and are looking forward to commissioning the system in 2023. If it all turns out as well as expected, it could provide major positive gains in relation to fish health, seafood production in the fjords and for the entire aquaculture industry.”

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