Quality and yield take priorityHraðfrystihúsið and Marel have signed a contract for a FleXicut system to increase automation, quality, throughput and yield. Photo: Marel

Hraðfrystihúsið (HG) and Marel have signed a significant contract for a FleXicut system to increase automation, quality, throughput and yield.

Based in Hnífsdalur in the west of Iceland, HG´s plant processes fresh raw material, mainly cod, and products are sold primarily in America and Europe.

“We look forward to upgrading our processing plant to a new level of technology. This will strengthen our competitiveness in a demanding market, relieve tough, demanding work, and increase the long-term financial performance,” said HG general manager Einar Valur Kristjánsson.

The FleXicut system due to be installed includes a FleXitrim pre-trimming flowline, FleXicut pinboning and portioning machine and FleXisort automatic product distribution.

The FleXitrim equalizes the flow of pre-trimmed fillets into the FleXicut system and has built-in quality control. FleXicut determines the position of the pinbones by X-ray measurement with high accuracy and then calculates the optimal cutting configuration and cutting angle according to the order received. The FleXisort is an intelligent automatic product distribution system, allocating different products to different packing lines.

With this investment, HG aims to maximize yield in every fillet and increase its quality groundfish product value.

“We warmly welcome HG to the FleXicut family,” commented Marel sales manager Thórarinn Kristjánsson.

“What characterizes the processing plant at HG is the diversity, where they are processing their products fresh with and without skin, frozen or lightly salted. We manage to accommodate these different processing methods with FleXicut, where each product has its own home.”

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