The export value of Norwegian seafood has never been higher in the first half of the year than in 2022, according to the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC). In the first six months of the year, Norway exported seafood worth NOK 70.1 billion (near USD 7 billion). This is a value growth of 31%, or NOK 16.4 billion (USD 1.6 billion), compared with the first half of last year. At the same time, June was the strongest June ever, with an export value of NOK 12.3 billion. This is an increase of 35%, or NOK 3.2 billion, compared with the same month last year.

Norwegian seafood exports have left behind a historically good first half year. Rising global food prices, lower raw material supply and strong growth in demand are the main reasons for this record. After just six months, we have exceeded the export value for the whole of 2015”, says Børge Grønbech, acting CEO of the NSC.

“A very impressive result”, said the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs

I am delighted that the seafood industries are recording another export record for the first half of the year. Over NOK 70 billion in just six months is a very impressive result. This underscores how important the sector is for value creation, job security and coastal economic activity”, says Bjørnar Skjæran (Labor), Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, at the same time he points out that growth is particularly driven by high international prices.

“This is due to complex conditions. I am glad that Norwegian seafood has both products and a brand that is in high demand internationally, even in these turbulent times. Nevertheless, we must be prepared for changing prices in the future,” he added.

Therefore, for Skjæran, “active and long-term marketing work will be important in the time ahead. The government has very high ambitions for the seafood industry. Together with the industry, we will continue to work for further growth in exports and set new records.”

Extra responsibility of ensure the world a sufficient supply seafood

In the numbers reported, salmon still accounts for the largest share of export value, but also species such as trout, cod, saithe and haddock have contributed to a record-breaking six months. “Measured in export value, 2022 has so far been a fantastic year for Norwegian salmon. Lower production volumes and increasing demand have resulted in record high prices, which is a significant contribution to the export record in the first half of the year”, says Grønbech.

The first half of the year has seen major and drastic changes in the world community, with both war in Ukraine and reopening after the corona pandemic. “In addition to the horrific suffering, the war has affected global trade and helped create a food crisis. In such times, Norway as a seafood nation has an extra responsibility to ensure the world a sufficient supply of sustainable and healthy seafood”, added Grønbech.

Norwegian seafood

Christian Chramer, new CEO of NSC

Days before was reported the new numbers of the Norwegian seafood, the NSC published that Christian Chramer is the new CEO of the institution. “His broad management experience and strong communication skills will help to lift the Seafood Council further, and we look forward to an exciting collaboration in the future”, says Deputy Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Appointments Committee, Amund Drønen Ringdal.

According to the Council, Chramer brings extensive experience from the NHO system. For the past seven years, he has been regional director, communications director and joins NSC from a role as area director with responsibility for communication, public relations, and regions in NHO. Now he returns to the Norwegian Seafood Council, where he was both communications director and fisheries envoy in Southeast Asia. In addition, he has a 13-year service career in the Norwegian Army.

I am very proud of the trust from the board, and I am very much looking forward to taking on the job as leader of the NSC. I look forward to working with skilled colleagues in the Seafood Council and the companies working in one of Norway’s most important export industries. Our goal is to further develop the strong position that Norwegian seafood has globally by ensuring that a growing world population to an even greater extent opens its eyes to healthy and sustainable seafood”, said Chramer.


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