The Peruza robotic packing solution Photo: PeruzaThe Peruza robotic packing solution Photo: Peruza

Peruza’s latest automated food packaging solution is said to reduce product giveaway whilst adapting to a range of different products, all with varying final weight requirements.

Founded in 1991 and based in Latvia, Peruza manufactures production equipment for the food processing industry and launched its first automated solution in 2011.

The company’s reduced giveaway line is designed for automatic packing of raw product into plastic trays or boxes and is said to greatly reduce giveaway through the use of precise calculations.

Depending on the size of operation, products can be sent in one, two, or more lanes. Each product passes through a 3D dimension recognition and weight calculation unit which signifies to the machine packing robots which gripper to use for packing.

Benefits are said to include reduced product giveaway, fast operations, an intuitive user interface and adaptability to varying product types and final weight requirements.

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