Renewed certification for GC Rieber OilsFriend of the Sea has renewed certification for GC Rieber Oils. Photo: FoS

Friend of the Sea has renewed its certification of GC Rieber Oils for its Omega-3 concentrates. GC Rieber has recommitted to sustainable sourcing as part of the recertification process.

“We have a strong alignment with GC Rieber Oils,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea.

“As a company, they are building their brand based on sustainability, which is a win-win for business and the environment.”

GC Rieber Oils has long practiced sustainable sourcing, which they see as one of the key pillars of their business. The company’s leaders believe that their products should not only bring benefits to the consumer but also contribute to the wellbeing of the environment.

Recertification by Friend of the Sea is part of a broader expansion of the company’s Omega-3 concentrate production facilities. The newly expanded factory doubles production output while incorporating new technologies to deliver their highest EPA and DHA ratios to date.

GC Rieber Oils has also invested in research and development to further enhance its VivoMega quality platform. A variety of process improvement efforts have yielded results such as continued lowering of actual total oxidation values and the improvement of the oils’ sensory characteristics. A fully operational tracing system has also been implemented—accessing all species and other information from catch to finished ingredient.

In addition to the Friend of the Sea Certification, GC Rieber Oils is halal certified, with accreditations from MarinTrust, NSF for GMP and ISO 9001:2015.

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