RFC and ROK-1 have teamed up to increase pollock production in Russia Photo: RFCRFC and ROK-1 have teamed up to increase pollock production in Russia Photo: RFC

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC), the Russian Pollock plant (part of the RFC Group) and the Fish Processing Plant No. 1 (ROK-1) have signed an agreement to ensure domestic sales of pollock reach at least 10,000 tonnes annually, starting from 2023.

ROK-1 will produce branded products from RFC’s pollock which will processed at the Russian Pollock plant. The partners will offer a comprehensive range including portioned fillets, loins, mince and breaded products along with an expanded line of ready meals, sauces and pet food.

“Pollock is an ecologically pure wild white fish, unique in terms of the content of valuable nutrients, which, unfortunately, is underestimated by Russian buyers,” said Saveliy Karpukhin, first deputy general director of the RFC.

“The objective of our partnership with one of the leading Russian fish producers is to open for Russians the true taste and benefits of high-quality pollock products and to ensure the growth of sales of this fish in the domestic market,” he added.

Sales are planned through large retail chains as well as through catering chains, online stores, delivery services for food preparation kits and prepared food.

“Together with our partners from RFC and Russian Pollock, we highly appreciate the potential for growth in consumption of various, high-quality, easy-to-cook products based on pollock fillets on the Russian market,” said Alexander Starobinsky, general director of ROK-1.

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