The study focuses on nutritional pet snackBiomega’s Salmigo Protect L60 could be used in future pet snacks. Photo: Quentin Bates

A new whitepaper reveals how hydrolysed salmon peptides could replace nutritionally devoid glycerine in semi-moist pet snacks to deliver high nutritional protein value and great palatability.

Released by Biomega Group, the study explains the scientific advantages salmon bioactive peptides could have on animal wellbeing, as well as the manufacturing benefits from utilising the product.

‘Salmigo Protect L60 and its potential to replace Glycerine in semi-moist pet treats’ was carried out by Norway-based independent petfood research facility Passion4Feed, using the salmon peptide Biomega branded product, Salmigo Protect L60. The results concluded that removing glycerine from both cat and dog snacks is possible when using Salmigo Protect L60 as a substitute.

Bjørn Liaset, director of R&D at Biomega, said: “Our ground-breaking technology Salmigo Protect L60 not only works as a substitute for glycerine but also improves palatability while increasing protein value for cats and dogs. In addition, it also offers beneficial gains for pet health, including increased muscle recovery, generation of energy and potential to lower blood pressure.”

Milka Tesla, CEO at Passion4Feed AS, said: “The aim of the study was to reduce the starch, remove glycerine and increase the level of high-quality carbohydrates and proteins to deliver a plasticising effect. With the combination of 100% natural pea starch and Salmigo Protect L60, we discovered that glycerine could be replaced in its entirety. This means petfood applications using this combination of ingredients can claim to be 100% natural and highly nutritional.”

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