Satlink is advising on how best to install electronic monitoring solutions on board fishing vessels

Satlink is advising the first international working group made up of suppliers of electronic monitoring (EM) solutions for fishing vessels.

The working group, funded by the Net Gains Alliance, aims to produce the first guide of standardised recommendations to help organisations eliminate inefficiencies in the initial design phase as well as reduce misperceptions about the capabilities of these systems.

The new guide unifies recommendations from providers of this technology to clarify its benefits and standardises aspects such as recommended data review models, application of artificial intelligence, hardware performance and data transmission methods.

Satlink has carried out more than 250 installations in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, in collaboration with governments, NGOs and ship owning companies.

Among its most recent projects those developed with the governments of the Solomon Islands, Micronesia and Seychelles stand out. In the Pacific Ocean alone, Satlink monitors more than 110 vessels from fleets of nine countries.

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