Dundee, Scotland-based aquaculture technology specialists, Ace Aquatec, have appointed Pisces Fish Machinery as their first equipment distributor in North, Central and South America. The newly formed partnership will see Pisces supply the company’s award-winning stunners for tilapia, trout, salmon and seabass to its customers across the Americas, where fish welfare and ethical practices have moved to the top of the agenda for many producers, supermarkets and consumers.

With extensive experience in serving the needs of processors worldwide and an established network, Pisces are well placed to supply Ace Aquatec’s in-water electrical stunner which has a 100% stun rate and an impressive record of reducing stress at harvest.

Ace Aquatec’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Tara McGregor-Woodhams, said: “Pisces have been leading the way in fish processing since 1983 and are highly regarded as the best in class for manufacturing a range of award-winning fish processing machines. 

“We’re thrilled to be working closely with their team of experienced aquaculture professionals.  This partnership will help us to roll out and lead on the distribution of our stunning technology across the Americas and gain key insight into one of our key target market,” she added.

In the other hand, Trevor Wastel, CEO from Pisces Fish Machinery assured: “In-water electrical stunning has long been on our radar for helping strengthen our full-line offering in the fish processing industry.  Not only does it create a calmer processing line before bleeding and filleting, but it accelerates the move to higher welfare standards at every point of harvesting.”

“We’re delighted to be forming this partnership with Ace Aquatec and introducing our customers to their industry leading technology, it’s exactly what the Americas market has needed.”

Also in Australia and New Zealand

Earlier this year, Ace Aquatec appointed Australian equipment supplier Fresh by Design as its first distributor in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The newly formed partnership supplies the in-water electrical stunner to its customers across Australia and New Zealand.

They assure: “We’ve been fortunate enough to work with all of the major fish farms in Scotland. We also serve customers throughout Europe and over the last few years have become a truly global technology provider with installations in Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, and the USA”.

Breakthrough technological developments for aquaculture

Ace Aquatec partners with world leading experts in different scientific fields to apply breakthrough technological developments to aquaculture and marine industries. They were co-founded in 1999 by inventor John Ace Hopkins and investor Annette Pyne-Carter after they saw the potential technological innovation could have in accelerating the adoption of responsible fish farming practices.

From their head office in Dundee, Scotland, they project manage global R&D projects, manufacturing at two United Kingdom (UK) factories, and co-ordinate our installers and engineers worldwide. We also have a Canadian office and distribution partners in key markets. Ace Aquatec has grown from a family run business into a global supplier of aquaculture solutions retaining a key focus on local partnerships and personal customized solutions.

Their first product used precision transducer technology to develop an acoustic predator deterrent that was effective over the long term without harming animal hearing; a combination incumbent technology couldn’t achieve. “We then saw the growing use of electrical anesthesia in the medical world and spent several years perfecting a way of using electricity to render fish unconscious while still in water before slaughter.”

Most recently, the next technology they saw potential in was time-of-flight 3D cameras. “We thought if Microsoft can create real-time 3D wireframes of gamers in their living rooms, maybe we could do the same thing to measure the biomass of thousands of fish,” they explain.


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