SEAPA is investing in promoting its products online Photo: SEAPASEAPA is investing in promoting its products online Photo: SEAPA

In an attempt to mitigate losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, aquaculture system producer SEAPA is trying to attract international customers by promoting new products online.

SEAPA Group sales manager Alex Jack said not being able to travel over the past year had been hard for the South Australian company that sells to international clients.

“Covid-19 restricted our ability to be in the market, in front of customers, so we are trying to spend a bit more time on our digital content,” he said. “[We are] trying to get information out to those oyster growers where we previously would have been in their face.”

SEAPA will use an AUS$30,000 South Australia Export Accelerator Program grant to update its website and produce videos about new products intended for release this year. Mr Jack said that the grant could help them achieve export sales of AUS$1.2 million that would lead to five new jobs being created at SEAPA sister company Garon Plastics which manufactures the company’s oyster baskets.

SEAPA’s baskets were originally designed for adjustable long line Pacific Oyster farming but in the past five years new models have been adapted to suit different farming techniques. The company has been making its oyster baskets in Adelaide since 1998 and intends to release a range of new products in the coming year such as an adaptable float to help European growers where the tide range is very large.

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