The company has also committed to “implement the most-stringent
biosecurity measures throughout its operation, to keep both its employees and
consumers safe from the outbreak”.

Pairoj Apiruknusit, executive vice-president of CP Foods, has
issued a statement reassuring consumers that the company has continuously
maintained the strictest biosecurity measure at all of its operations since
March this year. This includes personal hygiene of its staff at workplace and
outside of their works. As a result, CP Foods’ operations have remained
undisrupted since the start of the outbreak, helping
the company to maintain continuous delivery.

“Since Samut Sakhon Province announced the lockdown, all of the
company’s workers are asked to stay inside the facility to reduce the risk of
infection. Our measures aim at making sure that the consumers will receive safe
food from a traceable source,” said Pairoj.

Pairoj added that CP Foods also educates all of its shrimp farmers
about Covid-19 prevention. Meanwhile, its shrimp are transported directly from the
farm to consumers in an effort to minimise human contact.

“I would like consumers to be confident in shrimp consumption,
both fresh and processed products. CP Foods’ shrimp are made from the high
standard food production that can be trace back to the raw material sources. We
guarantee fresh, hygienic and contaminated-free foods to all of our consumers,”
he said.


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