Headquartered in Singapore and operating in Malaysia, Nutrition Technologies manufactures animal feed ingredients and biofertilisers, using black soldier fly larvae to recycle nutrients from agricultural and food processing by-products.

In 2021 the company scaled-up with the launch of its two-hectare factory in Johor, Malaysia, which converts several hundreds of tonnes of organic waste into feed ingredients and fertiliser each week.

According to the company their functional proteins and oils have bioactive compounds that efficiently improve animal growth performance and health outcomes and have been successfully trialled in fish and shrimp feeds.

The new funding round was led by PTT Ventures and supported by Sumitomo Corporation, ING Sustainable Investments, Mandala Capital. It also saw continued participation from existing investors Openspace Ventures, SEEDs Capital and Hera Capital.

The proceeds will be used to fund an expansion into new markets, launch new products, accelerate research and development and create new strategic partnerships.

“We are increasing production to meet market demand and providing essential ingredients to the domestic agricultural sector as well as boosting exports through shipping our products to Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Chile,” said Nick Piggott, co-CEO and co-founder, in a press release.

“We will also commence shipments to the United Kingdom and European Union very soon,” he added.

Nutrition Technologies will use these funds to further expand production capacity both at its current operating plant in Malaysia as well as through a new joint-venture project in a soon-to-be-announced second country in Southeast Asia.

The company also intends to expand its R&D capabilities in Singapore; commence commercial activities in the United Kingdom and European Union; and add several new patents to its existing IP portfolio.


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