Svanur Þór Sigurðsson Photo: Skaginn 3XSvanur Þór Sigurðsson Photo: Skaginn 3X

Following Baader’s acquisition of a majority stake in Skaginn 3X, the company’s service division has been significantly strengthened.

Svanur Þór Sigurðsson has been hired as Skaginn 3X’s new service manager and Róbert Sigfússon, currently in charge of the service department, will take over as service specialist for the Icelandic market.

“We have expanded the service department by hiring new service specialists, redefining roles within the department and adding employees with software knowledge,” explained Trausti Árnason, director of technical solutions at Skaginn 3X.

“A stronger team with new employees is now ready to serve a larger and more diverse customer base in new markets,” he added.

The new team aims to speed up the installation process for customers and improve services with an emphasis on preventive maintenance. The team will also focus on building round-the-clock remote service tailored to individual customer needs.

Engineer Svanur Þór Sigurðsson said he will use his experience in the sector to build a reliable and stable service for Skaginn 3X’s customers whilst service specialist Róbert Sigfússon will focus on serving Icelandic customers, a group he knows well. “With this expansion of the team and a more specific focus, we will be able to improve our response time and serve our customers even better in the future,” he said.

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