The EPO has expanded STIM’s patent rights over its SuperSmolt FeedOnly Photo: STIMThe EPO has expanded STIM’s patent rights over its SuperSmolt FeedOnly Photo: STIM

The European Patent Office (EPO) has significantly expanded the patent rights held by STIM for its smoltification feed SuperSmolt FeedOnly.

The decision by EPO expands the range of feed ingredients that falls within patent protection, so that existing feeds imitating SuperSmolt FeedOnly now constitutes infringements on the patent. The EPO has also ruled that the practical use of such feeds in itself is considered a breach of patent. This comes in the wake of STIM´s victory against a competing feed company in Oslo District Court in March of this year.

“SuperSmolt FeedOnly has unique qualities, so we can understand that others might be tempted to look to our solutions, but we are happy that both the court system as well as EPO concludes that these rights belong to us,” commented STIM chief executive, Jim-Roger Nordly.

Since its 2014 launch, SuperSmolt FeedOnly has contributed to reducing post transfer mortality and at thus increasing profits for salmon producers. The first patent application was delivered in 2014 and the first granting from EPO came in 2019.

Along with the court ruling in March, STIM´s rights were also challenged in 2017 when competing feed producers made minor adjustments to the SuperSmolt FeedOnly formulation. These adjustments were covered by an additional patent application from STIM, which has now been validated by EPO.

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