SIF is joining the IMCS Network as observer Photo: SIFSIF is joining the IMCS Network as observer Photo: SIF

Stop Illegal Fishing (SIF) will be joining the International Monitoring Control and Surveillance Network (IMCS Network) as an observer to help combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

The independent non-profit organisation is based in Gaborone in Botswana and will work to expand support to network members in Africa.

“We are impressed by SIF’s on-going work to support national fisheries authorities through investigative support, mentoring, communications and awareness, and by establishing information sharing and collaborative networking opportunities,” said Mark Young, executive director of the IMCS Network.

Gary Orr, IMCS Network chair, added that SIF’s support in west Africa and east Africa has pioneered the model of regional task forces cooperating to stop illegal fishing. “We look forward to the network engaging more closely through this new relationship,” he said.

The IMCS Network will be holding its first virtual global fisheries enforcement training workshop in July. Entitled ‘Uncovering the Unknowns: Global Cooperation to Eliminate “the U’s” in Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing’ the workshop aims to prompt a closer examination of the regional task force approach.

With SIF on board, the IMCS Network now includes seven official observers, namely OceanMind, Trygg Mat Tracking, Global Fishing Watch, Vulcan, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia and the Offshore Fisheries Development Corporation of Taiwan

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