Seafood 2040 has published a strategy for aquaculture in England Photo: Seafood 2040Seafood 2040 has published a strategy for aquaculture in England Photo: Seafood 2040

A comprehensive strategy outlining a plan for growth across the English aquaculture sector has been released today by Seafood 2040.

The strategy has been developed by Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management and industry representatives on the Seafood 2040 Aquaculture Leadership Group. It provides a plan for the sustainable development of English aquaculture over the next 20 years, supporting a ten-fold increase in production to approximately 90,000 tonnes by 2040.

Dr Neil Auchterlonie, chair of Seafood 2040, called the work ‘much needed and long overdue’. “The relevance and importance of increasing domestic food production and employment opportunities in the more fragile rural economies will be appreciated by all during a current period of uncertainty underlined by the double impacts of Covid-19 and Brexit,” he said.

The strategy recognises a need for clear leadership and effective collaboration between industry and regulators. Three documents have been published – a brief overview of key strategic principles and objectives, a summary document highlighting the opportunities and growth aspirations alongside a plan for delivery and the full report which also includes a review of English aquaculture and current barriers to growth.

Seafood 2040 is an England-focused strategic programme, facilitated by Seafish in partnership with Defra and industry partners. The publication of the strategy aligns England with the other devolved administrations, which already have published aquaculture development plans.

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