Hiddenfjord MD, Atli Gregersein Photo: Súsanna JohansenHiddenfjord MD, Atli Gregersein Photo: Súsanna Johansen

Atlantic Salmon farmer, Hiddenfjord has announced the suspension of all air freight as of 10 October 2020, reducing the company’s overseas transportation CO2 emissions by 94%.

Hiddenfjord is the first in the aquaculture industry to make a commitment of this size and scope, significantly decreasing their environmental impact in line with the UN’s global goals around urgent climate action.

Salmon already has a much lower carbon footprint than other foods such as pork or beef but replacing air freight with sea freight makes it a very sustainable food choice. “The facts are clear, we all need to immediately stop using airplanes to transport goods in order to reduce climate change,” said Atli Gregersen, managing director and owner of Hiddenfjord. “If we claim that we want to be a truly sustainable company, we must take responsible actions,” he added.

New independent consumer research shows that Hiddenfjord salmon has maintained the same quality, despite the company’s termination of air freight.

“Even if the suspension of air freight has been a big change for many of our customers, we were very happy to be able to prove that we could maintain our well-known high quality – now with a much lower CO2 footprint,” said Óli Hansen, sales director at Hiddenfjord.

“The product is attracting interest from new customers focusing on sustainability,” he concluded.

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