Thai Union has launched a new tuna oil range Photo: Thai UnionThai Union has launched a new tuna oil range Photo: Thai Union

Thai Union Ingredients has launched a new tuna oil range, continuing the focus of parent company Thai Union Group on ‘Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans’ and building on the success of the UniQTMBONE product launched in January.

The UniQTMDHA tuna oil range comes in two forms – a crude and refined oil. For both products, the manufacturing process uses less fish, uses fewer chemicals, consumes less energy and produces less waste.

Thiraphong Chansiri, Thai Union’s chief executive and president said that sustainability applied across every aspect of the business. “This latest product range from Thai Union Ingredients epitomises this strategy, making sure that we not only use every part of every fish, but that we also help people of all ages stay healthy and active while fuelling the development of their children,” he said.

UniQTMDHA refined oil is produced in TUI’s facility in Rostock, Germany. The plant is the final point in TUI’s end-to-end supply chain for tuna oil and processes crude, white tuna oil from Thai Union plants in the Seychelles, Ghana and Thailand.

The Rostock refinery is a central part of TUI’s plan to derive value from all the available co-products from tuna processing. “Our Rostock plant is particularly exciting from a strategic perspective as it allows us to leverage our supply chain in an even greater way,” said Leonardus Coolen, managing director of TUI.

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